Saturday, 21 January 2012

Is MPP Bill Walker playing the role of judge and jury?

This is a guest blog by Roger Short:

In an article published by the Meaford Independent on January 19th, recently elected MPP, Bill Walker has waded into the matter of wind power and who should have the control over review and permitting decisions.

In his role as MPP, he is required to represent all people in his riding, not, as this article suggests, just those who make the most noise.

If he dug a little more deeply, he would find independent surveys showing that there is solid support for renewable energy in the area and beyond.

Not only that, but there are lengthy and thorough processes which proponents must follow to get final approval for any potential project.

Opponents of wind power in organisations like Wind Concerns Ontario and others have, as their stated objective, the elimination of all wind turbines in Ontario.  They have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal, and their style and tactics have frequently silenced any and everyone who dares to challenge them. 

Opponents never even recognise or engage such matters as the deaths and health bills from fossil fuels in general and coal in particular, nor on the Ontario nuclear record of never coming in on time or on budget for any project to date. Recent experience shows that on large refurbishing projects, expenses have exceeded estimates by $ billions as well. 

Coming from the nuclear industry, Mr. Walker is probably fully aware of these facts, yet outcomes like these aren't addressed - and yet they affect all Ontarians.

The renewables business, with its clearly demonstrated job creating ability, new technology and potential to improve both local economics and local farmers, should be reviewed in an objective fashion by those who represent us.  

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