Friday, 13 July 2012

Dufferin Wind Pioneers

Dufferin Wind Power is probably the largest community originated wind project in Ontario, if not Canada.  You can learn more about it here.

It's quite a story of local farmers getting together to collectively develop the resource blowing over their farms.  It's also a great story of how people can become committed towards wind power when they are the ones who initiate the project and contribute their own capital.

As a tribute to these people, we are going to publish the letters that they wrote to their local municipal and county representatives in support of granting their project's access to local road and rail allowances.  Each letter is different in perspective and tone, so we'd recommend that you read each one.  It's an amazing testimony as to how rural entrepreneurs organize themselves, assume financial risk and find the right people to help them achieve their goals.

There are a large number of these testimonials, and each is different, so we'll dedicate a number of blog entries to this theme.

Click on each image to read it in full size.

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