Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jutta interviewed at Fergus public meeting

Wellington Advertiser
November 11, 2011
David Meyer

Not everyone at the open house was in opposition to the wind turbines.
Jutta Splettstoesser attended the rally and met with people to speak in favour of a civil discourse on the entire issue.
Splettstoesser, from the Kincardine area, visited the offices of The Wellington Advertiser prior to the open house. She is the president of Friends of Wind Ontario, a group she founded after seeing what she called “one sided” talks on wind turbines.
She and five members of the group talk about “social benefits” of turbines, and the group has held a few meetings around Ontario.
“I do not work for anybody,” she said, adding she is a farmer with four children. She does not have turbines on her property, but is working to place solar generators there when Hydro One can accept the power.
“My friends call me the face of wind,” she said. “We need more faces.”
Splettstoesser said people who speak in favour of wind turbines “are getting bullied, attacked in public, and getting legal threats.”
She cited a doctor in Chatham who was threatened, and said, “Anywhere people spoke, they got attacked. I’ve been attacked on the radio. I’ve been called a liar ... my family gets slandered.”
She said such attacks keep people from asking questions or speaking their mind on the issue. “The average person doesn’t want confrontation. How can they? I find developers have been blamed for their positive actions.”
Splettstoesser said the issue of turbines is far from over, but “People need information to make decisions - but it has to be based on facts.”
She feels facts have been distorted when it comes to wind turbines. She talked recently with a man from a small community in Germany who told her his community is in the shadow of turbines it owns jointly, and there are no problems.
The community lives within 300 metres of the turbines and “everybody is healthy and happy. So are the animals.”
When asked about noise, she said, “I have heard the turbines, too. The crickets were louder.”

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