Saturday, 12 November 2011

Why does (part of) the CBC hate wind? Part 1 (addendum)

Since publishing this post, I've had a chance to perform a bit more analysis on the data from the Kent Breeze website.

Specifically, I've been able to identify precisely where the Michauds are within the Kent Breeze project area.  This is not difficult.  The white pages list one Michaud in the Thamesville area, along with their address.  Google maps then provides their approximate physical location.  The Kent Breeze receptor map then allows one to lock in their location since there aren't many neighbours.  I don't believe that this is a violation of their privacy since I haven't provided any information that couldn't be obtained publicly.  I found this information online in less than five minutes.  The CBC could have done the same.

My belief is that the Michauds are receptor number 210.  I may be wrong.  However, if I'm right, receptor number 210 is 1146 metres from the turbine named Macleod 5.  That resonates with the CBC report that claims that they are 1100 metres from the nearest turbine.

The noise analysis, as published in the Kent Breeze Environmental Analysis, says that this receptor would receive a noise contribution of 32.7 dbA.  This is equivalent to the most quiet rural environment.  Crickets would mask this noise.

So, based on the more detailed receptor data, I'd like to correct my previous post.  Instead of saying that approximately 100 receptors were within the 1100 metre zone, I now believe that it is closer to 60 within the zone equivalent to that of the Michauds.   All of them are expected to receive much less than the 40 dbA limit.  As stated in the previous post, no one else in this area seems to have declared any problems with the wind farm.

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