Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Can coal come clean or is wind the future?

The Globe and Mail
September 12, 2011
Josh Wingrove

It was seven years ago that Ontario farmer Bruce Ribey first considered the notion: Would he allow wind-power
turbines to be built on his land?

There'd be money in it, but wind power was largely uncharted territory for Mr. Ribey and his neighbours near the
shores of Lake Huron. His family worried about noise, wildlife welfare and health impacts.

All that was outweighed, however, by another factor - Mr. Ribey's nephew has asthma and suffered on the smoggiest
of Ontario's summer days. As the province looked to ditch coal power and clean its skies, Mr. Ribey wanted to be a
part of it. Three 80-metre-high turbines now stand on his farm.

Follow Bruce Ribey's story here.

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