Thursday, 8 September 2011

Grey Highlands Councillors forgot interests of ratepayers

Orangeville Citizen September 9, 2011
Letter to the Editor

In response to Ernest Horvath’s letter in your August 25, 2011 issue: We get the government we deserve if we don’t speak up.

In his letter, Ernest Horvath of Meaford says an ad the Ontario Highlands Friends of Wind Power ran in the Dundalk and Flesherton weeklies about the antics of four Grey Highlands councillors made him angry.

We didn’t mean to make Mr. Horvath angry. We only meant to remind the ratepayers of Grey Highlands that four councillors have forgotten about their interests.

Mr. Horvath is confused as well as angry.

He seems to think all the ratepayers in Grey Highlands are wind opponents. We are pretty sure that wind opponents are a noisy minority that care about their own interests not the community’s.

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