Sunday, 18 September 2011

Please help Tyler Hamilton

“A brilliantly written page turner…” James Hoggan, chair David Suzuki Foundation 
“This book’s strong appeal should transcend all borders.” Library Journal 
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Harnessing electricity from tornados. Beaming solar power from outer space. Neil Young’s electric-vehicle dreams. 
Journalist and green technology expert Tyler Hamilton explores some unconventional attempts to solve the world’s energy crisis in his new book Mad Like Tesla
TORONTO (Sept. 19, 2011) – A new book on energy innovation by award-winning columnist Tyler Hamilton goes behind the headlines to explore the risky, sometimes whacky but highly promising technologies that could wean the world from fossil fuels and help humanity avert the worst effects of climate change. 
Mad Like Tesla: Underdog Inventors and Their Relentless Pursuit of Clean Energy (ECW Press) tells the stories of entrepreneurs and inventors who are thinking outside the box and putting it all on the line to solve the world’s energy crisis. But it also highlights their enormous struggle to be taken seriously in an increasingly sceptical world and the many barriers they face along their journey. 

Meet Louis Michaud, a retired engineer who wants to create – and ultimately harness the energy from -- monster tornados using the waste heat from industrial facilities. 

Get to known Michel Laberge, who quit his high-paying job in the technology sector when he turned 40 to embark on a mission to build a nuclear fusion reactor on the cheap. 

Learn about Gary Spirnak’s plans to launch a massive solar power plant into space by 2016 and beam the energy back to earth using microwaves. 

Find out why Canadian rocker Neil Young approached an inventor in Ottawa who claims he can build the seemingly impossible: an electric car that charges itself during acceleration. 

Whether discussing algae that “fart” ethanol or household fan blades designed to mimic shapes commonly found in nature, Hamilton – also an adjunct professor of environmental studies at York University and editor-in-chief of Corporate Knights magazine – celebrates the art of risk-taking at a time when we need it most. His book also recognizes that the willingness to fail is the best path to successful technology breakthroughs, even if the journey can drive some mad. 
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