Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pacific breezes

Big Island, Hawaii
Courtesy Hawaiian Electric Light Company

This is a guest blog by Roger Short

Imagine idyllic Pacific islands where the wind is consistent, the climate is wonderful, tourism is its biggest business and where both the stable government and the island's citizens are in favour of renewable energy, particularly wind power.

A pipe-dream you might say - but such a place exists today.

Are there turbines up and running and are there more planned? You betcha!
Will there be significant work on the grid to accommodate the renewables? You betcha!
Will the existing coal and heavy oil fuels be replaced over time? You've guessed it!
Are developers, government and citizens working together to take advantage of this opportunity? Right again!
Have tourist numbers, real estate values and public health suffered? No!

How would these islands compare with Southern Ontario?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, to most, there is no contest.

And where is such an impossible dream, you may ask?

The Hawaiian Islands of course.

More details to follow.

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