Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Who's who in the WCO zoo?

Wind Concerns Ontario seems to have concerns about its webmaster.  As of December 12, 2011 the site has been shut down.  That's actually too bad, because we always admired its timeliness, its look and its comprehensive information (albeit from the dark side of the force).  I believe that it was run by Maureen Anderson and she deserves credit for the dedicated work.

Initially, this message was posted:


Site will no longer be updated

Due to a threat of legal action, this site will no longer be updated.  For more info, please contact: 


Now, this message is posted on the link:


Site will be undergoing some changes

This website will be shut down as of December 15, 2011 for retooling.  It will open up in the New Year under the domain http://ontario-wind-resistance.org 
Bookmark the new address and I hope to see you then!


Today, John Spears posted this item in The Star:

The Star
December 13, 2011
John Spears

The website of Wind Concerns Ontario, which lobbies against wind energy, has suspended operations because of mysterious legal issues.
The website has posted an enigmatic note stating: “Due to a threat of legal action, this site will no longer be updated.”

But Jane Wilson, the president of Wind Concerns, says there are no imminent legal threats hanging over the organization.
Wilson said in an interview that the website is run by a volunteer, who may have misunderstood some discussion at the recent Wind Concerns annual meeting.
Wind Concerns had been considering a more professional approach for its website in any case, she said.
“We’ll be going off air for a brief, brief time while we get a new platform going,” she said.
Wilson said she hasn’t spoken to the volunteer who runs the website: “I don’t even have her phone number.”
“I don’t know why she put on ‘the threat of legal action,’ because no one’s suing us,” Wilson said. “We’re not having any problems that way.”
The website volunteer had not attended the annual meeting, and had some questions about financial matters, Wilson said.
“It was suggested to her that questions about what had gone on at the annual general meeting was not something that should be on the website,” Wilson said.
“It was suggested that rather than making these questions more dramatic than they needed to be, she could discuss it with someone else.”
Wilson said the questions involved the cost of certain items, but wouldn’t elaborate.


Searching for a possible reason for the mysterious and rapid shutdown, we took a look at earlier postings.  Sure enough, there were two photos taken at the WCO AGM posted on Saturday, the day of the AGM, practically in real time.  Based on the embedded data, they were taken on someone's Blackberry.  The photos are shown here:

If you click on the photos, you can open them in your browser for a closer look.  I can identify four individuals, I believe.  How many can you identify?

What probably caused the most furour, though, was the Agenda slide that included an item that appears to say:

Emergen[cy] ..... to the agenda
(Eric G[illespie]

My interpretations are in [ ].

Mr. Gillespie has been involved with WCO in a legal capacity and so my interpretation is that they were going to talk about some form of legal emergency - pure speculation, of course.

And, if the webmaster is a volunteer, then does that mean that Ms. Wilson and others are something other than volunteers?  

Inquiring minds want to know.  More to follow.


  1. You people really need to get a life and stop trying to find fault with a grass roots organization that has helped so many people resist the destruction of their rural lands and wildlife. You must be from the city. It is dark now where I am but I bet when you look out the window you can't even see a star! When all the trees in High Park are cut down and 50 story tall industrial machines with blinking lights are sited there then you can talk to me about wind turbines! BTW, How much emissions have been reduced world wide because of wind turbines??? Don't know? Why was the number 550 meters selected as the distance a turbine can be from a home? Don't know? Then SHUT UP!

  2. "Friends of Wind Power" aka Canadian Wind Energy Association!
    Enough said!

  3. Thank you for your comment.

    Our organization is actually based in the rural area called the Ontario Highlands. The Highlands are roughly defined by the triangle that includes Shelburne, Owen Sound and Collingwood, but only at the elevation of 500m or higher.

    Our group includes landowners, contractors, wind farm staff, a few retired wind developers and a number of people concerned about climate change. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do have a condominium in Toronto, close to my grand-daughter, where we spend a day or two per week. Everyone else lives in the rural area full time. In fact, many in the group are third or fourth generation landowners.

    When the latest project in our area is complete, I'll be part of a 12 turbine wind farm. Five of them will be roughly 1km from my residence. One is about 700m from my residence and I'd be comfortable to have it closer since I've talked to many host landowners who sleep well with turbines less than 500m from their homes.

    In a future blog, I'll be addressing the myth that wind turbines don't reduce CO2 emissions. It's not a difficult assignment. I also know why the 550m setback was chosen and, if it would be useful, I'll publish that as well.

    One request, please. Your comments will be better appreciated if you modify your tone.

    Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your response that did not answer my 2 questions. So you are going to receive money from the public trough for your turbines even though you know that people have been forced from their homes. Some were bought out by a wind company PROVIDED that they sign a non disclosure to not discuss that the turbine noise made them sick. Also some people were so sick that they had to simply lock the door and walk away. Some were billeted at a motel/hotel paid for by the wind developer. Some have had to remain in there home and suffer and no one will listen to them. I too am from the same area as you, the hills of Creemore...Now instead of viewing Georgian Bay we will be viewing 8 huge ( the biggest ones installed to date) turbines with flashing lights. I listed my generational farm for sale at below a similar listed farm. Results? In six months I received 1 offer at 1/2 asking price! I will apply to have my property tax lowered and so will my neighbours. This will effect the tax base of my municipality. You Sir have to except that some people are very sensitive to the sound waves /infrasound pulsating off these massive structures. Also if you google flight paths for migratory birds you will see a map where the North American Flight Path and the Mississippi Flight Path overlap and go over
    Fairgrounds Road to Nottawa Bay, exactly where these 8 mammoth industrial machines are slated to go. The people hosting a recent WPD open house told me that cats kill more birds! Obviously this 'Director' doesn't know the difference between Sparrows and Raptors.
    I will try to "modify" my tone but when a person has invested heavily her retirement savings to restore a farmhouse for her retirement and to pass on to her sons then finds out after the fact that her trusted neighbour was about to trash the area with an industrial site, it is heartbreaking and infuriating. I too was approached by Suncor and offered a contract for $30,000 per year to host wind turbines. I turned it down flat because I saw it as industrializing a quiet country setting and hurting my neighbours home values. I could not in good conscious do this. Also I knew that these machines would drive away wildlife that we enjoy so much on our farm. The way I see it, Yes farmers need help to keep on farming. People should support local farmers and buy their food but to sign up to host an industrial wind facility of such magnitude as a supplementry income at the expense of their neigbours is just wrong. Our neighbour knows his sons will go to university and do not want to farm so instead of going into another field of work or selling off some of his 1000's of acres or expensive equipment he decided to pimp out his land. He has made it clear he resents the families from the city that bought up farms and built beautiful homes, however these people have their land cropped by local farmers...some at no charge to the local farmer! I am not from the city, This farm has been ours for 3 generations.

    I would be willing to make the sacrifice and host turbines on my land for FREE if they did in fact reduce emissions but because they are intermittent and require back up from conventional sources that do give off emissions this can never be! Germany and Denmark have high emissions because they must add new coal plants to always run hot to be ready to come on grid when their turbines can not run in high winds or no wind.
    Now, about YOUR tone is yesterdays blog.
    " WCO ZOO!" ZOO! ??? I demand an apology. How insulting, I wish I could meet you in person! Any time any place! One of us would have a fat lip.

  5. I suppose your "Friends of Wind" will assist you in the massive expenses that will be forthcoming for the decommissioning charges on all your Industrial Wind Turbines that will need to be torn down in about 15-20 years time? Also I assume you have enough "Friends" to pay the costs of Fire Fighting expenses when one or all of "Your" Wind Turbines explode into flames during a "weather event" such as just what happened last week in Scotland when a hurricane blew through!
    I also assume your "Friends" will assist you with the costs of the lawsuits which will eventually occur from your "neighbours" who will sue you and your Wind Company for the devaluation of their homes and making them uninhabitable. I don't even want to bring up the "health issues" that you say "don't exist" even though it's proven they do. Not a "rosy picture" for anyone who is cheer leading an Industry that won't be around in a year's time to support their contract holders. Good Luck.....your going to need it!

  6. Hmmm! Cat got their tongue ? Awfully quiet in here. They seem to have 2 sites, this must be the one they hide from public view.

  7. Yes, friends of wind will help. Friends of wind will make sure you know that what you are doing is right. Wind energy reduces fossil emissions. It reduces the need for nuclear power, with its 100,000 year waste. It is part of keeping the lights on - without killing the planet. The loud opponents claim you need good luck. I don't think so. Because every time wind has gone before the courts, the OMB, or environmental tribunals, it has won. Because wind does not have the negative impact that the opponents claim. When rational people are presented with evidence, they approve of wind. So the good luck wish should go to the opponents of renewables (aka the supporters of fossil and nuke - we have to get our power from somewhere). Because a losing cause needs luck when it doesn't have facts on its side.

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