Sunday, 18 December 2011

Who's who at WCO?

Well, we promised you a follow-up to our post regarding the flare-up during and after the Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO) Annual General Meeting (AGM).  There was obviously some miscommunication during and after the event.  We weren't privy to all the intrigue but it appears that some kind of schism occurred.  This is not unusual, of course, in volunteer organizations.

First of all, a post by Parker Gallant on the weekend of the AGM was mysteriously removed within hours of being posted.  His post was a blistering set of accusations against the Ontario Liberals.  I'd repeat them, but they might be part of a libel suit and so I don't want to be seen as promulgating libel.  Mr. Gallant is a member of the WCO Board and so the removal of his essay might be more about the schism than it might be about any legal challenges against WCO.  However, we'll have to wait until the next year to see if his essay re-appears on the promised new WCO website.

Secondly, the website has been replaced by Ontario Wind Resistance (OWR).  All references to WCO seem to have been scrubbed.  Frankly, though, it's a great re-branding and very much in keeping with the tone of the original website.  It'll be interesting to see how the two websites evolve.